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Hot Geek Love Columbus

Looks like Dex


Looks like Gaius Balthar, Cylon Sympathizer

This striking young clothes designer and life artist is Laurana. With glasses and pipe, she manages to look like Howard and a Cylon sympathizer, too. In addition to following visions of greatness, Larurana enjoys reading Looks Like Howard.lookslikelaurana.jpg

Looks like John


Looks like One Ring Zero


Michael Hearst (pictured here with bandmate and fellow hottie Joshua Camp), sizzling geek superhero of today’s ethno-lit rock revolution

Claims to fame: Member of One Ring Zero, McSweeney’s house band, rocking out on claviola and Theremin.

Badass press quote for the band: “Gypsy-klezmer, cartoon-circus-flea music you mainly hear in your dreams.”—The New Yorker

Wrote songs with: the sexiest nerds in print, including Jonathan Ames, Margaret Atwood, Paul Auster, Clay McLeod Chapman, Dave Eggers, Amy Fusselman, Neil Gaiman, Myla Goldberg, Ben Greenman, Daniel Handler, A.M. Homes, Denis Johnson, Lawrence Krauser, Jonathan Lethem, Rick Moody, Aaron Naparstek, and Darin Straus

Social contribution of note: Composed, arranged, performed, and recorded music for ice cream trucks which he distributes freely to ice cream truck operators.

Quote: “For Patricia…who will be writing lyrics for our next author CD.”

Looks like Nicky Kay

Name: Nick “Nicky Kay” Kizirnis, hillbilly rockster, ultraswingster guitarist, post punk surfer, Theremin virtuoso, book lover, hot geek, Howard look-alike roots musician, songwriter, and website marketing guru.

Favorite element of the periodic table: Bromium. “I like the way it sounds. It’s also the most useful element, but I won’t tell you why.”

Favorite Sci Fi: Harlan Ellison’s Strange Mind. “Got me interested in writing.”

In his tackle box: Very, very small Phillips head screws and screw drivers, Allen wrenches, USB cable. Assorted cables.

Quote: “I believe in being prepared.”

Favorite bookmark: “My Spiderman booklight bookmark.”

Most prized possession: Theremin schematics. “Someday I’ll come across all the right parts to build one.”

Nick, part twang, part swing, and all rock’n’roll, can’t wait to to get his hands on his own copy of Looks Like Howard.